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Niklos / Jun 20, 2016
Lo! And the Twilight rises.

Let it be known, that on the evening of June 19th, KC 626, that Cultists of the Twilight's Hammer have attacked the holy sites of Northshire Abbey, Tyr's Hand Cathedral, Light's Dawn Cathedral and the holy vaults of Ironforge city. While our most blessed knights and the defenders of the realm rose up and vanquished the dark, we have suffered losses - our relics stolen, remains of our most blessed dead taken from their very catacombs!

And so, with great alarm, the Church of the Holy Light has declared a State of Emergency - that all diocesan bishops and their orders must return to their stations, tally their losses, re-secure their lands, then bring a full report of their losses and any leads on the attackers before the masses on the evening of June 23, KC 626, nine bells at the Hall of Arms, Northshire Abbey.

May we stand firm against this sudden onslaught, may the Light vanquish the dark.